MAISY Scope 3 Financial Emissions Accounting



A new March 2022 SEC rule requires mid-to-large publicly-traded financial institutions to calculate and report emissions of all residential mortgagors and commercial real estate loan customers as early as the 2023 calendar year with reports due in 2024. These emissions can easily account for more than 95 percent of total emissions for financial firms. This huge new reporting requirement opens the door to independent auditing and challenging of the reported results, so financial firms need to take this new rule seriously and to conscientiously conduct required analysis and reporting to avoid challenges to corporate CSR commitments. Read more about reporting requirements.

Benefits of MAISY Financed Emissions Accouting Data and Services


ACCURACY Provide the most accurate Scope 3 financed emissions accounting available with MAISY Emissions Accounting Data Products and Support Services. MAISY ZIP-Level Residential and Commercial Utility Customer Energy Use Databases and analysis draw on 25 Years of experience quantifying utility customer electricity, natural gas and fuel oil use and emissions.    read more

TIME & COST SAVINGS With more than 25 years providing clients with the same kind of data and analysis required by Scope 3 emissions reporting, we can provide results more quickly, at significantly lower cost and with results that are more accurate with a more reliable methodology compared to new in-house efforts or any other outside source.   read more

AUDITABLE Financial reporting requires auditable and transparent methodologies available with MAISY Scope 3 data and analysis. Databases are developed with US Energy and Commerce Department Data, utility reported data, and other public sources with statistical analysis procedures developed over decades of applications to a variety of “real-world” applications.   read more

UPDATING AND SUPPORT MAISY Databases are updated on an annual basis or more frequently as new data becomes available. Support includes processing client data and providing energy use and emissions results and audit-quality documentary reports to assisting financial firms in identifying and organizing inputs required for the emissions analysis.   read more

MAISY DATABASES SCOPE 3 EMISSIONS DATABASE DOCUMENTATION summarizes emissions estimation methodology and describes ZIP level and financial institution consolidated data items.   read more

MAISY DATABASES NOTES AND WHITEPAPERS illustrate why MAISY Scope 3 data and support services are a preferred solution for financed Scope 3 emissions reporting.   read more