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Jerry Jackson / Jackson Associates

Jerry Jackson, president of Jackson Associates (JA), serves as the principal investigator on all JA projects. His expertise in energy modeling, forecasting, energy data development and technology market and financial analysis is widely recognized. In addition to his position at JA, he is also Leader and Research Director of the Smart Grid Research Consortium, a research and applications organization providing smart grid business case analysis.

Dr. Jackson's energy career began with his development of the first commercial end-use energy forecasting model at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He also developed the Electric Power Research Institute's COMMEND model and the commercial sector model for the Department of Energy's EIA National Energy Modeling System (NEMS).

His early career also includes positions as an Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and Chief of the Applied Research Division at the Georgia Tech Research Institute where he directed a twenty-member multidisciplinary research team. He launched JA in 1982 to provide energy modeling, forecasting and data development for utilities, and for state, regional and federal energy agencies. His consulting practice expanded in the late 1990's to include development and application of the widely-used MAISY (Market Analysis and Information System) Utility Customer Energy Use and Hourly Loads Databases which now reflects more than seven million individual utility customer records. These databases are the only commercially available, statistically representative, source of utility customer energy use and hourly load data. MAISY Databases, which have become an industry standard in the US and Canada, have been applied for more than one hundred clients including utilities, state and federal agencies, and equipment manufacturers, research laboratories and other energy-related organizations.

JA provides energy-related analysis and data support to clients in nearly every facet of the energy industry. A sample of JA clients is provided in the Clients page of this Web site.

In addition to his consulting practice Dr. Jackson recently held a Signature Professor position at Texas A&M University (2005-2011) where he established and led the Smart Grid Research Consortium. His research and applications work at the University focused on modeling the financial analysis of technologies associated with "smart" electric grids including combined heat and power, solar, fuel cells, demand response and other applications. The Consortium transitioned to an independent research organization in January, 2011 with Dr. Jackson continuing as the Consortium's Leader and Research Director. The Consortium's Smart Grid Investment Model was made available to non-Consortium members in early 2012. The Investment model is the only commercially available financial analysis tool to provide a comprehensive evaluation of smart grid technologies. The model has been applied for sixteen utilities.

One of the outcomes of his technology-related market and financial analysis research at Texas A&M University is the recently published book Energy Budgets at Risk (EBAR): Risk Management Approach to Energy Purchase and Efficiency (Wiley, April, 2008) which provides a new risk management approach to evaluate energy efficiency investments. EBaR extends financial risk management principles to address energy efficiency investment decision. His contributions in this area were recognized with his appointment to the board of editors for the first academic journal on sustainable real estate published by the American Real Estate Society.

Dr. Jackson is an expert on new energy technologies and their diffusion in the market. He has assisted leading US, Asian and European technology companies in analyzing and evaluating new technology markets, new product design, and market strategy development. He is actively involved in development and analysis issues related to fuel cells, microturbines, combined heat and power, cool storage, flywheel, demand response and other new energy technology systems. His technology clients include companies such as United Technologies, Sharp Laboratories, Ingersoll Rand, Toyota, Aisin, Bloom Energy, Ice Energy and other equipment manufacturers.

He has worked extensively with private sector clients on market analysis and marketing strategy development. He recently developed individual electric utility profit scoring models and provided support in developing a profit-maximizing mass market strategy for the deregulated subsidiary of one of the largest utilities in the Southwest.

As a pioneer and active practioner in energy modeling, forecasting and technology analysis, Dr Jackson is often called on to provide expert testimony, evaluations and advice. Recent activities in this area include serving as an expert witness for the provincial electric utility regulatory agency in New Brunswick, presentation of policies to enhance commercial buildings energy efficiency at a European Commission conference, participation in a United Nations Energy Expert Working Group Meeting on Industrial Energy Efficiency and service on review boards for the UK's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Science Foundation Arizona and the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation.

He has served as a consultant to the California Energy Commission, the Electric Power Research Institute, Washington State University, Colorado School of Mines, the Solar Energy Research Institute, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the states of Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas and several dozen utilities. At the US Department of Energy's (DOE) request, he conducted a series of focus group sessions to help guide future DOE data collection and database development. He has also served as a consultant to DOE on various database and data development issues.

He speaks frequently on energy efficiency, energy policy, sustainability and smart grid issues in US and international forums. He has served in advisory roles to energy regulators and policy makers in the states of California, Indiana, New York, Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Washington, to the US Department of Energy and its national laboratories, to ministries in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick. He has been both an active participant and an advisor and reviewer for the Department of Energy's appliance efficiency program.

Dr. Jackson is widely published in both academic and industry publications including Public Utilities Fortnightly, Electrical World, Energy, Energy Business and Technology, Energy Policy, Review of Economics and Statistics, Land Economics, Journal of Business Administration, Journal of Urban Economics and Journal of Risk and Insurance. Additional research has been published in more than two hundred technical reports for clients.

Dr. Jackson received a patent for the MAISY visual drill-down and data visualization process in 1995. Since that time, nearly every major business intelligence software provider has licensed this software technology.

He holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Florida with specialties in econometrics and regional economics. He has taught University-level courses in economics, business strategy, mathematics, statistics, project management and energy risk analysis.