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This Page Includes Miscellaneous MAISY Database-Related Items

Marketing DER and Other Electric Technologies & Partnerships to Utilities with MAISY Business Case Evaluations

Business case marketing provides a critical motivating input in purchase and/or collaborative alliance decisions. This input is especially important in marketing & partnership offers to electric utilities who often lack sufficient customer information to confidently consider specific technology/services sales proposals.

The MAISY Utility Customer Energy Use Estimator is a pop-up form easily incorporated Web sites to develop energy use or cost estimates (or both) for any residential or commercial Web visitor.

Many Web portals rely on user-supplied energy use and/or cost information to provide sales information and sales propositions. Unfortunately many Web visitors have only vague ideas of their energy costs and virtually no idea of their electricity or natural gas consumption. These visitors are likely to spend the typical 10 seconds on your site before they move on to other sites - most likely, never to return.

The secret to engaging and converting these customers is to get the intelligence you need using information that users will willingly and easily provide. Instead of asking simply - how much electricity (kWh) do you use each year or what is your annual electricity cost ?- think about adding an option like - tell us a little about your house and family so that we can estimate your electricity use and provide an estimate of *(add your sales proposition here)* .-

Check out the Energy Use Estimator to see how to a new "call-to-action" can help engage your Web vistors.