Financed Emissions Notes & White Papers

MAISY Scope 3 Financed Emissions Notes and Whitepapers

Scope 3 Finaced Emissions Estimation Accuracy MAISY Databases are the most accurate, advanced and cost-effective source of Scope 3 financed emissions available in US markets. This page will provide notes - brief commentaries on issues relevant to Scope 3 mortgage and commercial real estate (CRE) financed emissions estimates, as well as more detailed white papers that delve more deeply into issues associated with emissions estimation processes.

The importance of distinguishing emissions across ZIP code areas is critical to accurate emissions estimates and a primary focus here.

These notes and white papers reflect Jackson Associates insights based on responding to regulatory information and forecast requirements over more than 35 years.

Avoiding Scope 3 Financed Emissions Data Development Pitfalls, June 2022

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