MAISY Data Auditability and Transparency

MAISY Scope 3 Financed Emissions Data is Auditable and Transparent

Scope 3 Finaced Emissions Estimation Accuracy Financial reporting requires auditable and transparent methodologies provided by MAISY Scope 3 data and analysis. Databases are developed with US Energy and Commerce Department Data, utility reported data, and other public sources with statistical analysis procedures developed over decades of applications to a variety of “real-world” applications including federal and state appliance and efficiency standards development, utility conservation, energy efficiency and smart grid program customer program analysis, equipment manufacturer product design and market analysis and other energy-related applications.

MAISY Data and forecasts have been used for decades in regulatory filings, rulemaking procedures and similar public forums. These applications include support for Department of Energy energy efficiency standards, many state regulations and electric utility program analysis and cost justifications. See for example a Purdue University State Utility Forecasting Group December 2021 report filed with the state of Indiana documenting MAISY agent data-based energy forecast for five electric utilities.

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