MAISY Residential and Commercial Energy Use and Hourly Load Database Applications


MAISY Energy Use and Hourly Loads Databases have been applied to analyze nearly every conceivable household, firm and institution energy issue.

We believe that the best way to demonstrate potential MAISY Database applications is to present brief descriptions of our previous projects.

MAISY clients range from start-up companies and consulting engineers to the largest US companies, investor-owned utilities and the US Department of Energy.

This page includes a sample of MAISY Database applications.

Projects are provided in chronological order with the most recent projects presented first. These are just a sample of MAISY applications so be sure to contact us if you have a question about an application that is not included below.


Large Canadian and US Utility Holding Company: Provided detailed residential hourly loads data for five states to assess new energy-related technology.

Major Automobile Manufacturer: Provided detailed residential hourly loads, household and commuting data for two metropolitan areas to assess electric vehicle battery storage issues.

California Solar Company: Evaluated residential customer segment hourly load characteristics in five geographic areas in the US to identify target segments.

Battery Storage Company: Conducted a market sizing and segmentation analysis of five geographic areas in California using 15-minute load data for 45 commercial building segments to prioritize marketing and sales activities.

Southeastern Electric Utility: Provided residential 8760 hourly loads including end-use detail (space heating, air conditioning, lighting, etc.) for its service areas to support demand side management evaluations.

Midwestern Energy Service Company: Evaluated geographical and building market segments to assess potential for a variety of energy service product offerings.

Canadian Energy Service Company: Assisted in market potential analysis to assess entry into new Canadian energy services markets. Provided consulting support in development of customer segmentation and profitability analysis.

Demand Response Provider: Provided electricity and peak demand detailed by 4-digit SIC code for commercial and industrial customers for application at a large southwestern utility.

Southern US Utility: Provided 8760 hourly load data and market assessment to determine impacts of changes in rate structures on current and future utility revenue.

Solar Energy System Provider: Provided typical electricity use for single family homes for all zip-codes in California.

Smart Grid Organization: Provided electricity use and hourly load information for 15 utility service areas along with monthly customer-class, end-use hourly load forecasting models.

Western US Utility: Developed energy customer energy use and hourly loads in the Texas market for use in retail energy target marketing activities.

Texas Retail Energy Provider: Assisted a Texas retail energy provider in developing competitive market strategies. Developed residential and commercial customer profit scoring models and customer targeting models and provided consulting support for a variety of modeling, analysis and strategy applications.

Municipal Utility: Provided hourly load by customer class for a cost-of-service/rate development application.

National ESCO: Provided hourly load characteristics and market potential for national energy sales market strategy development.

Southwestern Retail Energy Provider: Assisted a competitive energy provider in determining market potential in northeastern state as part of market entry analysis.

Internet Utility Electricity Provider: Assisted in market segmentation and customer targeting. Provided customer, energy use, technology data, psychographic and firmographic data for customers throughout the US.

Large Regional Power Provider: Provided 8,760 hourly customer class load data for five states for use in cost-of-service and rate design.

Solar Energy Systems Data Provider: Provided day-type/monthly hourly loads for large single family dwelling units in states and regions across the US.

Venture Capital Company: Provided customer data and consulting support to evaluate residential energy market profit potential as part of a market entry analysis.

New Electric Energy Storage Technology Company: Provided market profitability analysis of a new electricity storage technology based on analysis of utility customer hourly loads and utility rate structures at individual utility service areas across the US. This document was incorporated in the company's Private Placement Memorandum.

New Cool Storage Technology Company: Provided utility commercial customer databases including 8,760 hourly loads by end use and supported in-house market analysis.

Japanese Fuel Cell Company: Provided detailed US market potential for residential fuel cell applications based on residential energy use and hourly load characteristics, utility rate structures and other factors.

Japanese Manufacturing Company: Analyzed US market potential for natural gas combined heat and power (CHP) systems. Forecast market potential and sales for alternative CHP designs. Provided market segment detail and geographic detail to support strategic marketing plans.

A Large Midwest Electric Utility: Conducted analysis of the market potential and market penetration of combined heat and power in Midwest states. Analysis included forecasts under alternative electricity, natural gas, and equipment costs.

A US Fuel Cell Manufacturing Company: Conducted analysis of potential customer hourly energy use and market characteristics for new technology products.

Large Outlet Mall Chain: Provided hourly load data and feasibility analysis for a combined heat and power system.

Solar Technology Company: Provided detailed hourly load data for a product development/market strategy application.

A National Energy Service Company: Estimated market potential for a menu of energy service measures in a half dozen targeted states.

A European-Based Power Generation Equipment Manufacturer: Conducted microturbine market potential analysis for fifty US utility services areas.

Western Investor-Owned Utility: Developed an agent-based microsimulation model to determine market potential and adoption of alternative energy conservation measures under various demand-side management programs. Evaluated costs and benefits of alternative programs and identified optimal conservation program investments.

A Large US Power-Generation Equipment Manufacturer: Provided customer-detailed microsimulation databases and consulting support in product design and market potential analysis of fuel cell and CHP technologies for both residential and commercial building applications.

Southwestern Electric Utility: Developed sales potential and sales targets for electric heat pump marketing program.

Electric Utility Energy Service Company: Developed an online new combined heat and power technology analysis and forecasting system for individual electric utility service areas in the US.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Conducted market potential analysis of new coal-fired technologies.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Conducted market penetration analysis of solar technologies through 2020.

Various Clients: New technology analysis including combined heat and power systems, cool storage, flywheel systems, photovoltaic systems, fuel cells, wind technology, energy control technologies (smart grid technologies), smart grid technologies and programs, demand response technologies and programs.

Various Clients: Existing technology analysis including energy-efficient lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, water heating, refrigeration, building shell, energy management and control systems and demand response-related technologies.