MAISY Data Saves Time & Reduces Cost

Save Time and Reduce Costs with MAISY Scope 3 Financed Emissions Data & Services

MAISY DATABASES All Scope 3 financed emissions reporting will be required to follow an accepted standard for computing such emissions.

The SEC proposed rule identifies The Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials’ Global GHG Accounting & Reporting Standard (the “PCAF Standard”) as one such standard that addressed financial institution financed emissions and notes that it has been endorsed by the drafters of the GHG Protocol.

The PCAF standard states that “financial institutions shall use the highest quality data available for each asset class and improve the quality of the data over time.”

MAISY Scope 3 Data is Highest Quality, Lowest-Cost Resource Available

MAISY Scope 3 Financed Emissions Data meets PCAF standards providing the highest quality data available for mortgage and commercial real estate (CRE) loans.

MAISY Data exceed other sources by provIding ZIP-level customer data for various customer segments including income and floor space for residential mortgages and business type and floor space for CRE loans. This geographic and customer detail provides unmatched ability to reflect financial firm's mortgage and loan portfolios.

MAISY Financed Emissions Data are cost effect, applying the information from MAISY ZIP Code Residential and Commercial Utility Customer Databases.

MAISY Databases reflect 25 Years of experience quantifying utility customer electricity, natural gas and fuel oil use and emissions. Databases include information on more than 7 million utility customers across the US. MAISY Databases have been used by more than 200 clients to support US Department of Energy appliance efficiency standards, state efficiency and conservation regulations, utility energy use forecasts, efficiency, demand response and smart grid program analysis, and equipment manufacturer market analysis.

MAISY Databases are updated annually using the most current information available.

MAISY Scope 3 Emissions Data is priced based on number of ZIP code areas and desired customer segmentation.

Summary: MAISY Scope 3 Emissions data products and services provide the most accurate, timely and cost-effective resources to fullfill new SEC financed emissions reporting requirements. With more than 25 years providing clients with the same kind of data and analysis required by Scope 3 emissions reporting, we can provide results more quickly, at significantly lower cost and with results that are more accurate with a more reliable methodology compared to new in-house efforts or any other outside source.

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