MAISY RECS Hourly Loads & Emissions Databases

Question 13. How are MAISY RECS Databases Different from the Standard 6.7 Million+ Record MAISY Residential Energy Customer Databases?

Short Answer:

The most obvious difference between the two databases is the sample size of each. The 18,000-household sample in the MAISY RECS household databases is designed to provide statistical accuracy at the state and national levels while the 6.7-million household MAISY sample is designed to provide statistical accuracy at the ZIP, county, metro, utility service area, state, and national levels. The larger number of MAISY Database households supports a greater level of segmentation. MAISY Databases also include 15-minute loads and a variety of additional variables.

Longer Answer:

The table below summarizes database characteristics. MAISY RECS & Standard MAISY Comparison

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