MAISY Energy Use  and Hourly Loads Databases Summary


Residential Database Variables

Standard Variables for All Residential Databases

Database customer energy use reflects "normal" TMY weather.

Building Structure

  • Housing unit type (Single family, multi-family, mobile home)

  • Heated square feet

  • Number of bedrooms

  • Number of complete baths

  • Year structure built (categories)

Heat Systems

  • Main home heating fuel

  • Main home heating equipment

Air Conditioning

  • Central air conditioning

  • Window/wall air conditioner

  • Number of w/w A/C units

Water heating

  • Main water heating fuel

Clothes Dryer

  • Use clothes dryer

  • Clothes dryer fuel

Clothes Washer

  • Use clothes washer


  • Fuel used for cooking

Other End Use equipment

  • Use automatic dishwasher

  • Number of refrigerators

  • Use a separate freezer


  • Number of adults

  • Number of children

  • Other optional demographics: education, number of employed adults, etc. (Contact us for a detailed list)


  • Income categories

Geographic Detail

  • Standard: metro area, utility service area, state

  • Optional: ZIP code area

Optional: EV commuting variables
  • Additional EV-relevant variables for each household customer record including:
      Number of vehicles
      More detailed income categories
      Education categories
      Presence of advanced electronics, etc.

  • Additional commuting variables for up to three adults in each household customer record including:
      Morning work departure time
      Morning commute duration
      Evening return time
      Evening commute duration
      Travel mode

Additional residential psychographic data

  • 2016 databases include additional residential psychographic data including education, ethnicity, work status and many other variables. Contact Jackson Associates for a full list of available residential psychographic variables.

Customer energy use/billing information

  • Annual and monthly kWh, natural gas, oil energy use and bills

  • Annual end-use energy use (space heat, air conditioning, water heat, cooking, dishwashing, cloths dryers, refrigerators, freezers, lighting, TV/electronics/other)

  • Month/day-type hourly electric, natural gas and oil loads (24-hour loads for peak day, week day, and weekend day for 12 months)

  • (optional) 8,760 hourly electric, natural gas and oil energy use

  • (optional) 15-minute electric loads

  • (optional) End-use 8,760 or month/day-type hourly electric, natural gas and oil energy use

Individual Record Detail

MAISY Databases provide each of the data items above for each customer record.