MAISY Energy Use  and Hourly Loads Databases Summary


Commercial Database Variables

Standard Variables for All Commercial Databases

Database customer energy use reflects "normal" TMY weather.

Building Activity

  • Basic business activity: General Office, Medical Office, Banking and Finance, Government Office, Hospital, Nursing Home, Assembly, Educational, College Office, College Dormitory, Grocery, Convenience Store, Hotel, Public Order and Safety, Religious, Restaurant, Fast Food, Retail, Services, and Warehouse

  • SIC and/or NAICS business categories


  • Percent cooled

  • Main AC/vent equip

Bldg Age

  • Year of construction category

Bldg Size

  • Square footage

  • Number of floors

End-use fuel uses

  • Fuel used for heating

  • Fuel used for domestic hot water

  • Fuel used for commercial cooking

Heat/vent systems

  • Percent heated

  • Main heat/vent equip


  • Percent lit during operating hours

Op hours

  • Typical weeday operating hours

  • Typical weekend operating hours

  • Typical weekly operating hours


  • Commercial refrig./freezer equip present


  • Number of workers main shift

Customer energy use information

  • Annual and monthly kWh, natural gas, oil energy use

  • Annual whole building end-use energy use (space heat, air conditioning, ventilation, water heat, cooking, refrigeration, interior lighting, exterior light, office equipment, other)

  • Month/day-type hourly electric, natural gas and oil loads (24-hour loads for peak day, week day, and weekend day for 12 months)

  • (optional, additional cost) 8,760 whole building hourly electric, natural gas and oil energy use

  • (optional, additional cost) 15-minute whole building hourly electric loads

  • (optional, additional cost) End-use 8,760 or month/day-type hourly electric, natural gas and oil energy use

Individual Record Detail

MAISY Databases provide each of the data items above for each customer record.