MAISY Energy Use  and Hourly Loads Databases Summary


The seven million+ record MAISY hourly loads databases are available for any zip code location in the US. Specify any geographic area (ZIP code, metro area, utility service area, state, etc) and any desired customer characteristics to get utility customer load profiles in any desired format including day type, 8,760 hourly loads, 15-minute loads and more.

Custom Hourly Load Profile Data

Rather than processing Utility Customer Databases in-house, Jackson Associates (JA) clients often request Custom Hourly Load Profile Data development with requested data provided electronically. This option permits JA to provide our expertise in load profile analysis to assist our clients in more effectively addressing their information needs. Delays and missteps that sometimes occur with client in-house applications are avoided resulting in more timely and less costly information development. Results are provided in CSV format and Excel Workbooks.

Maximum Customer/Market Segment detail includes:

Customer Load Data: Options include: (1) day-type hourly loads for three day types (week day, peak day, weekend day) for each of twelve months for residential, commercial and industrial customers, (2) hourly loads for each of the 8760 hours in the year for residential, commercial and industrial customers, (3) 15-minute loads for residential customers or 0.5 second - 5 minute loads for residential customers.
Commercial Segments: 20-35 Building type for up to 9 establishment sizes
Industrial Segments: 15 - 35 manufacturing activities (NAICS categories) for up to 5 establishment sizes
Residential Segments: up to 5 income, 5 demographic and 3 dwelling unit residential customer categories
Locations: ZIP code areas, metropolitan areas, utility service areas, states, regions, and user-specified geographic areas

Hourly Loads are Available for Electricity, Natural Gas and Fuel Oil

While most of our custom hourly load profile data requests involve electric loads, our databases also include hourly load data for natural gas and fuel oil. These data are available in either day-type/month or 8760 hourly format. These data are often applied to evaluate technology applications such as combined heat and power where waste heat offsets fossil fuel use.

Custom Hourly Load Profile Applications

JA clients have applied custom hourly load profile data for market sizing, market segmentation, sales targeting, product development, technology potential impacts, and many more applications. Any market-oriented energy application can benefit from utility customer data insights provided by the MAISY databases.

Comparing MAISY Custom Hourly Load Profile Data With Other Load Shape/Energy Use Data

MAISY Hourly Load Profile Data have been developed from data on more than 7 million individual commercial, industrial and residential customers throughout the US. This actual customer data provides several advantages not available with other load shape or hourly load profile development approaches. For instance, by distinguishing among detailed commercial business activities and nine size categories, detailed industrial NAICS business and nine size categories and income/demographic/dwelling unit categories in the residential sector, Custom Hourly Load Profile Data reveal variations that are hidden in more broad aggregate customer classes.

For instance, MAISY Custom Hourly Load Profile Data can distinguish among banks, real estate agencies, insurance agencies, doctors offices, dentist offices, engineering services and many other "office uses" while other data sources provide, at most, large, medium and small offices. Similarly MAISY Hourly Load Profile

Since other load profile products develop hourly load data with engineering models (e.g., the commercial and residential load profiles presented on OpenEI ) based on single "prototype" buildings for aggregate building categories, the aggregate nature of these representations misses the variation that exists among individual buildings and business sizes that

Custom Hourly Load Profile Data Formats

MAISY Custom Hourly Load Profile Data include hourly loads for either (1) day-type hourly loads for three day types (week day, peak day, weekend day)for each of twelve months, (2) each of the 8760 hours in the year or for residential 15-minute or 0.5 second to 5 minute kW detail. Data are provided in CSV files and/or standard Excel Workbook format for easy processing and application. The Excel tables below provide an example of the 8760 and day-type load information.

Our Client Base Reflects Our Standing as the Premier Provider of Hourly Load Profile Data

Jackson Associates has been providing energy industry utility customer databases and analysis since 1995. Our client list reflects a who's-who in the energy industry.