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Information is available for more than 7 million individual commercial and residential utility customers. Databases include building, equipment, operation, occupant, energy use, 8,760 hourly loads, and 35,040 15-minute electric loads detail for each customer record. Data can be provided for metropolitan areas, utility service areas, state and regions.

Addiontal optional data items are available including commuting and additional household information as well as more detailed ZIP code area geographies.

Data is provided in an Excel workbook for easy access and analysis supporting deep drill-down operations to develop energy use information for detailed customer segments.

Optional customized MAISY Profiler software combines intuitive user interfaces with client-specified applications data and analysis. Profiler software supports retail energy provider analysis, combined heat and power analysis, customer and market sizing, solar and battery storage analysis and other energy-related applications.

Jackson Associates has been providing energy industry utility customer databases and analysis since 1995. Our client list reflects a who's-who in the energy industry.

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Database Features Summary:

1.   Databases for states, utility service areas, metropolitan and other geographic areas
2.   Individual customer record characteristics including energy use including 8760 hourly and 15-minute interval loads
3.   Segment detail for each record (e.g., medical office, single-family homes, etc.); optional SIC/NAICS business codes for commercial customer records
4.   The most comprehensive, up-to-date utility customer energy use and hourly load data available
5.   Excel workbook format for easy access and analysis
6.   Optional customized Profiler Software to extract and analyze data for client applications
7.   Vetted/applied by over 150 organizations for technology and energy-related market analysis, product development and assessment, cost-of-service studies, energy efficiency, smart grid analysis, new technology analysis (PV, CHP, battery, fuel cells, thermal storage, wind, flywheels and more), REP and ESCO target marketing and more

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