Model-Based Solar PV Sales Leads
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ZIP Area Solar PV Market Databases

MAISY Solar PV Leads Provide High-Value Target Customer Contact Data

MAISY Solar PV Leads are developed with "Big Data" statistical models that apply information on more than 7 million utility customers and nearly 500,000 solar PV installations to identify the most likely PV sales prospects.

MAISY Solar PV Leads significantly reduce Solar PV customer direct marketing acquisition costs and increase profits by providing "Solar PV-Receptive leads." Direct marking costs per sale are reduced by focusing on the most likely customer prospects, sales conversion rates are increased and other sales costs including sales calls, site visits, travel time are reduced.

if you are buying customer lists selected using income and credit scores, or paying $50-200/Web lead, or offering $500-$1,000 per successful referral, you can reduce your marketing costs with direct marketing campaigns based on the MAISY Solar PV Lead.

We work with your customer list provider, or if you do not have a relationship with a list provider, we will work with a list broker to develop address and telephone contact information for "Solar PV-Receptive leads" in your sales area. Filtering out unproductive contacts will provide savings in direct marketing that pays for our service many times over.

MAISY ZIP Area Solar Market Databases

MAISY ZIP Area Solar Market Databases are the first databases designed to assist solar equipment providers in evaluating and identifying promising ZIP-area market opportunities across the United States.

MAISY ZIP Area Solar Market Databases have been developed with “big data” and geospatial analysis that incorporates information on more than 7 million utility customers, nearly 500,000 solar installations across the US, proprietary and public household information. Zip Area Databases are provided as Excel workbooks to allow easy user application.

Solar energy suppliers can easily evaluate residential customer market potentials in ZIP code “micro markets” based on household and dwelling unit characteristics, utility bills, past solar installations and the proprietary JA Solar Market Potential Score (SMPS) (TM).

MAISY ZIP area household and dwelling unit data are different than other sources of ZIP area data because they include information only on "solar PV receptive" dwelling units and households defined as single-family detached dwelling units that meet certain income and other requirements. This focus provides much more accurate solar PV market information.

JA analysis shows that the highest income ZIP code areas do not by themselves translate into the most active solar markets. Rather, a combination of factors turns out to be much more useful in predicting solar market potential. The Solar Market Potential Score (SMPS) ranks ZIP areas according to potential single family solar market penetration. The SMPS is estimated using a statistical model based on a variety of factors including current electricity costs, income, educational attainment, and other factors based on data and analysis of millions of residential customers across the US.

Geographic Coverage

MAISY Solar ZIP code area databases provide utility customer electricity use, electric bills, demographic, solar installation and other information for each ZIP code area in the US. ZIP databases are available for the following geographic areas:

  • A Single ZIP code area
  • All ZIPs in a county
  • All ZIPs in a metro area
  • All ZIPs in a state
  • All ZIPs in the US
  • Client specified ZIP-defined geographic areas

Solar Company Applications

MAISY Solar ZIP code area databases can be applied in dozens of marketing and sales evaluations applications. A few are listed below. Feel free to contact us to discuss other applications.

  • Compare your sales in each ZIP to the Solar Market Potential Score (SMPS) to evaluate your marketing and sales effectiveness
  • Identify attractive new target ZIP areas with SMPS values and your own view of customer variables important in making sales.
  • Compare your sales in each ZIP code to ZIP electric bills, educational attainment, demographics, dwelling unit age, etc to identify customer characteristics associated with success in your current marketing and sales strategies. Identify similar new ZIP codes to expand the geographic footprint of your current marketing and sales efforts.
  • Consider developing more focused marketing and sales activities for ZIP areas in identifiable market segments (e.g., ZIP areas with incomes >$150,000, two earner households, etc.)
  • Compare marketing key performance indexes such as sales/telemarketing cost, sales/direct mail to ZIP code values for energy bills, income, etc to identify the most effective marketing strategy for different customer segments

Residential ZIP Code Area Database Detail

The following data items are available for each ZIP code area.

Basic Data Package

Information in the basic data package is considered essential to a basic residential solar PV market evaluation. These data are provided for single-family, detached, owner-occupied dwelling units and households meeting certain additional criteria that allow us to classify them as potentially "solar-PV Receptive."

  • Number of dwelling units
  • Average annual residential electric use kWh and electric bills
  • Average household income
  • Average dwelling unit value
  • Average number of people in household
  • Average dwelling unit age
  • Average number of rooms
  • Average educational attainment of adults
  • Average age of adults
  • Solar Market Potential Score (1-5 indicating potential)
  • Estimated number of existing PV systems
  • Potential PV Systems Sales in next 3 years
  • 4kW system annual AC output (kwh, calculations based on TMY3 solar data)
  • 4kW system annual cost savings based on utility rate
  • Available incentives
  • Average electric utility residential kWh rate
  • Electric utility name

Additional Data Options

Additional ZIP area information is available at an additional license fee cost. Some of this information is indicated below. Contact us to discuss the addition of other data items

  • Data items in the Basic Data Package can be provided for individual customer segments within each ZIP code. For example, each item can be provided for households in each income quartile.
  • Information for other dwelling unit types such as mobile homes, multifamily dwelling units, etc.
  • Average annual residential electric space heating, air conditioning and baseload electric use kWh and electric bill components
  • Solar radiation (kWh/m2, annual, monthly or hourly)
  • Monthly AC electric output (kWh)
  • Hourly AC electric output (kW)
  • Additional dwelling unit and occupant characteristics (contact us for a list of data items)

The Problem With Other Sources of ZIP Code Data

The U.S. Census Bureau provides information on dwelling units and households for ZIP areas; however, these data provide little value for most market evaluations of advanced technologies and services like those associated with solar PV.

The reason is that the most Census Bureau ZIP data is provided for individual variables (e.g., households with college degrees, income, etc.) as totals or medians or some other aggregate measure in a single table for the entire ZIP area.

The problem is that working with these aggregate tables makes it impossible to strip out information on dwelling unit/household segments that are likely candidates for PV systems. For example, it is not possible to use the Census data to determine the number of single family detached dwelling units with household incomes greater than $75,000 with householder age less than 65 in each ZIP area.

MAISY Solar ZIP Area Databases overcome this difficulty by developing ZIP area dwelling unit and household information directly from individual dwelling unit/household records after filtering to remove dwelling units/households that are unlikely candidates for PV systems. ZIP area Income, demographics, energy bills and other data are then calculated for these “solar-PV receptive” dwelling units and households.

This filter can be set to client specifications (e.g., single-family detached dwelling units with household income > $75,000) or Jackson Associates will apply filter values based on statistical modeling results that are conducted for each state. The filtering can also be specified to provide ZIP data for multiple customer segments within each ZIP code based on any dwelling unit/household values (e.g., ZIP data for each of 5 income quintiles). This MAISY ZIP-area database development process provides the most detailed and accurate PV-related market information available for individual ZIP “micro-markets.”

Solar Market Data

MAISY Solar ZIP Area Databases include:

  • An estimate of the number of current solar PV systems in each ZIP area
  • An estimate of PV installations over the next 3 years in each ZIP area and
  • A Solar Market Potential Scores for each ZIP area

The Solar Market Potential Score (TM) provides additional insight on long term solar market potential for each ZIP area. The Score is a ranking from 1 to 5 of the potential for solar PV applications within in each ZIP area. ZIP areas are ranked with a statistical model that relates current solar installations to a large number of ZIP code characteristics such as income, demographics, dwelling unit age, educational attainment and many more. The statistical model is then applied to each ZIP code to determine its potential ranking. Higher Solar Market Potential Scores indicate a greater receptiveness to solar applications. Comparing % of dwelling units with solar to the Solar Market Potential Score can identify ZIP codes that are currently underserved.

Statistical model results and state-level forecasts are also applied to estimate PV installations over the next 3 years

Energy Use and Energy Bill Data

MAISY ZIP Area Database are the only commercially available source of ZIP level:

  • Electricity, natural gas, fuel oil energy use
  • Annual and monthly electricity, natural gas, fuel oil bills
  • End-use energy use (space heat, air conditioning, etc.)
  • Hourly load profiles

License Fee

MAISY ZIP Area Solar Market Databases include proprietary information belonging to Jackson Associates and are licensed to individual users who agree to use the information only within their own organization. MAISY ZIP Area Solar Market Database licensing fees are based on number of ZIP codes included in the database and total ZIP code population.

Commercial ZIP Area Solar Market Databases

Commercial ZIP Solar Market Databases are currently under development for small and medium size commercial establishments. Contact us to get an update on the Commercial database release date.

Contact us to learn more about MAISY Solar PV Leads and/or MAISY ZIP Area Solar Market Databases.

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