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Products and Services

Jackson Associates has been providing energy industry utility customer databases and analysis since 1982. Our client list reflects a who's-who in the energy industry. This page provides a directory to our products and services.

  • Utility Customer Energy and Hourly Load Databases.

    MAISY ® (Market Analysis and Information System) Utility Customer Databases are the energy industry's most widely-used source of energy use and hourly loads data. MAISY Utility Customer Databases include energy use, hourly loads, building, equipment, operating, occupant and other energy-related information for individual commercial, industrial and residential customers records including 8760 hourly loads for individual end uses. MAISY Databases have been developed from information on more than 7 million individual utility customers throughout the US and Canada, providing a representative sample of residential, commercial and industrial customers for utility service areas, states and provinces.

    Hourly Load Databases include hourly electric, natural gas and fuel oil loads for each customer record. Load data are weather-adjusted to reflect normal hourly weather data. Users can access and evaluate load profiles for individual customer records or for any grouping of customers defined by location, business, heating fuel and other customer variables in the MAISY Utility Customer Databases. The large number of customers in state and service area databases permits users to develop information for detailed customer types and market segments based on relevant customer characteristics, avoiding "Prototype" and Average Load Data Aggregation Errors. Hourly loads are available as day-type /month summaries and in full-year 8,760 formats.

  • Energy Market Analysis

    Energy and technology markets have changed dramatically in the past decade and promise to undergo substantial changes in the next several years. Jackson Associates has supported information and analysis needs for companies throughout the US and Canada. JA has also assisted startup companies and new entrants to the energy industry to develop information on energy markets and develop strategies to succeed in challenging markets. JA has worked with national and local energy service companies to assess markets for energy service measures and technologies and to develop target markets and marketing strategies. This section focuses on marketing energy and energy efficiency services to electric utility customers. While similar in many ways, energy technology market Analysis is discussed in the next section.

  • Energy Technology Analysis

    JA provides comprehensive energy technology analysis including twenty-five year market forecasts to support new technology and product analysis, applying its technology/product adoption models to forecast energy use, hourly load, carbon emissions, sales, profits and other impacts of energy technologies and products. Jackson Associates has conducted technology analysis or supported client analysis for the following technologies:

    New technologies: combined heat and power systems, cool storage, flywheel systems, photvoltaic systems, fuel cells, wind technology.

    Existing technologies: energy-efficient lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, water heating, refrigeration, building shell, energy management and control systems and demand response-related technologies.

  • Energy Budgets at Risk (EBaR)

    EBaR is a new quantitative process that applies a Wall Street risk management approach to evaluate energy budget risk and risk associated with energy-efficiency investments. Organizations can now view risks and rewards of individual efficiency investments considering budget flexibility and risk tolerance along with the benefits of reduced operating costs, increased cash flow and enhanced building value. EBaR analysis can provide annual savings of 30% of energy costs even after accounting for the amortized costs of the efficiency investments. EBaR principles are developed and presented in the new book Energy Budgets at Risk (EBaR): A Risk Management Approach to Energy Purchase and Efficiency Choice published by John Wiley and Sons in 2008.

  • Forecasting Models

    Jackson Associate End-Use Models provide the most comprehensive and flexible energy modeling available. The agent-based microsimulation structure in the JA models reflects best current modeling practices combining end-use and technology detail available with traditional end-use models and behavioral representations so important in addressing energy-energy efficiency program design and impact forecasting.

  • Consulting Services

    Jackson Associates (JA) provides consulting support in a variety of energy-industry areas. Consulting expertise includes market analysis, new technology analysis, energy and load forecasting, energy facility energy-efficiency risk management analysis and other energy-related issues.

  • Clients

    Jackson Associates clients range from startups to some of the bigest names in the energy and energy equipment manufacuting industries. Our achievments and success over the last twenty-seven years is testimony to the quality of our data products, services and support

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